SCBA By Laws




Section 1: NAME: The name of this organization shall be “THE STANLY COUNTY BEEKEEPERS ASSOCIATION.”



Section 2: OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this nonprofit organization shall be to encourage better methods among the beekeepers of the county and state, to promote cooperation, to reach a common understanding regarding our problems and their solution, to maintain friendly and helpful relations with those forces which are working to better the beekeeping industry, to develop markets for beekeeping products, to foster close cooperation among members of the Association, and do such things as will tend to improve purposes exclusively for its members and the general public relating to honey bees and the beekeeping industry. Should this Association undergo dissolution, members at this time will decide what to do with assets.



Section 1: MEMBERS: Anyone interested in beekeeping and the beekeeping industry may join the Association upon payment of the regular annual dues. The right to vote shall be limited to members in good standing.



Section 1: OFFICERS: The offices of the Association shall be: PRESIDENT, VICEPRESIDENT, SECRETARY, TREASURER, PROGRAM CHAIRMAN, ASSISTANT PROGRAM CHAIRMAN, TECHNICAL SUPPORT OFFICER, PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN and COUNTY LIASION INFORMATION OFFICER. All officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the members present at the November meeting to take office on January 1 and hold office until the next January or until their successors are elected. In case of vacancy, the President may appoint a member to serve during the remainder of the term. No person shall be elected for any office without his or her consent.


(Dues, Honorary Members)

Section 1: DUES: The annual dues shall be $5.00 per year per individual, payable in advance to the Secretary. All dues will be paid at the November meeting for the next fiscal year. All dues will expire on December 31 of each year. Any member of the Association who becomes delinquent in payment of dues after December 31 will be dropped from the roll of membership on March 1 of the current year and shall cease to be a member of the Association. A person dropped, may be restored to active membership by paying the current year’s dues.

Section 2: HONONARY MEMBERSHIPS: Honorary membership in the Association may be given to a member who has contributed in some outstanding way to the Chapter’s aims and ideals and for meritorious service to the Chapter upon recommendation of the Executive Committee and a majority vote of the members present at any regular meeting. Honorary members shall be excused from payment of local dues. No member shall be given Honorary Membership merely for continuous membership or for the purpose of not paying dues,



Section 1: MEETINGS: Meetings shall normally be held on the second Thursday of each month except for those months of the NCSBA Spring and Summer meetings, Chapter field days, and Chapter Christmas Party. Notice of the meeting shall be mailed by the Publicity Chairman to each member of the Association ten days prior to each meeting and advertised adequately otherwise. The Program Chairman in consultation with the Executive Committee shall decide on the time and place of each meeting.



Section 1: COMMITTEES: The Executive Committee shall consist of all the elected officers of the Association, namely: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Chairman, Assistant Program Chairman, Publicity Chairman, Technical Support Officer, and the County Liaison Information Officer and the immediate past president, both of whom shall be ex-officio members. The Executive Committee shall have the authority to transact business on behalf of the Association when it is not in session.

Section 2: SPECIAL CONNITTEES: Such committees shall be appointed by the President consisting of a minimum of three members whose duty will be to

serve as directed by the President.

Article 8

(Duties of Officers)

Section 1: PRESIDENT: The president shall preside at all meetings of the Association using regular parliamentary usage. This officer shall appoint such special committees as is deemed necessary, fill vacancies of any officers, and perform such other duties as the Association may direct. The President will be authorized to make deposits, disburse all monies, should the Treasurer be unable to perform those duties. The President shall appoint an Audit Committee to review all records of the past year and make recommendations based on their findings. This review should take place during the month of December, before positions change for the next fiscal year.

Section 2: VICE-PRESIDENT: It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to perform the duties of the President in his or her absence, or upon the President’s request. If the Vice-President is unable to perform this duty in the absence of the President, then the Vice-President may appoint any member to act in his or her stead.

Section 3: SECRETARY: The Secretary shall collect the annual dues from the members, issue state Association membership cards and notify all members after December 31 who are delinquent in payment of dues. The Secretary shall also keep an accurate record of the minutes and all transactions of the association. He/she shall conduct such correspondence as may be necessary.

Section 4: TREASURER: The treasurer shall be custodian of all monies received by the Association and keep full and accurate records showing receipts and disbursements of all monies. He/she shall at the end of his or her term, have all records and books reviewed and shall deliver them to his or her successor, including paper, monies, and all other property of the Association which may be in his or her possession.

Section 5: COUNTY LIAISON INFORMATION OFFICER: Normally this shall be the resident Agriculture Extension Agent, or one recommended by him/her, who shall pass on to the Executive Committee, or the Association, such information as comes to his/her attention that would be of interest to, or have effect upon, the interests and activities of the Association.

Section 6: PROGRAM CHAIRMAN: The Program Chairman will assist the Executive Committee in making the necessary arrangements for programs and secure a meeting place and make necessary arrangements for the regular meetings.

Section 7: ASSISTANT PROGRAM CHAIRMAN: The Assistant Program Chairman shall assist the Program Chairman in planning the programs and meetings in cooperation with the Executive Committee.

Section 8: PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN: The Publicity Chairman shall secure the placement of announcements and other pertinent information concerning the activities of the Association in local papers and radio stations.

Section 9: TECHNICAL SUPPORT OFFICER: The Technical Support Officer shall:

9.1 Establish and maintain the technical point of contact with the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association (NCSBA) in matters relating to, but not limited to, the NCSBNs Association Management Software.

9.2 Establish, maintain, and promote the Association’s presence on the World Wide Web.

9.3 Setup, operate and take down audio-visual, computer, and other equipment necessary to run monthly meetings and to assist program presenters with their presentation needs. He/she will be custodian of the equipment and be responsible for getting the equipment to the meeting and setting it up before the presentation. He/she will make recommendations to the Executive Committee on items needed to facilitate the presentations. He/she shall, at the end of his/her term, deliver all property of the Association to his/her successor.

The Officers may be assisted by one or more appointed members of the Association; such assistants do not need to be elected to office by the Association. (e.g. Membership, Webmaster/Communications, Audio Visual, etc.)


(Election of Officers and their terms)

Section 1: ELECTION: At the September meeting the President shall appoint three persons as a nomination committee whose duty shall be to nominate to the Association at its November meeting a slate of officers for each office to serve for the following year. They shall obtain the permission of each nominee to have their name placed in nomination. The floor will be opened at the meeting for nominations. Anyone nominating someone for election should have secured that person’s permission to be nominated prior to the nomination.

Section 2: TENURE OF OFFICE: Each person shall be elected for a term of one year. A person may only serve in a particular office for two successive terms. Upon the completion of two consecutive terms in one office, a person shall be ineligible to serve as that particular officer for a period of one year. A person filling an unexpired term by presidential appointment shall be eligible for reelection to only one full year before becoming ineligible for one year.


(Affiliated Organizations)

Section 1: AFFILIATED ORGANIZATIONS: The Stanly County Beekeepers Association may associate itself and determine its own basis of support for the current year and for so long as it is desirable, with any state or national Beekeeping Association by 2/3 majority vote of the members attending a regular meeting.


(Members Responsibility)

Section 1: All members must act ethically when using the Stanly County Beekeepers Association name. No one shall use the organization for personal or monetary gain. Any promotion, event, or activity that the organization participates in must be voted on by the membership.



Section 1: AMENDMENTS: Any article or any section of any article of the Constitution and By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all members present, providing proposed amendments have been presented to the Executive Committee for their recommendation, and have been presented in writing to the entire membership.


(Repealing Clause)

Section 1: REPEALING CLAUSE: Upon acceptance by vote of the Association, this Constitution and By-Laws supersedes all previous Constitution and By-Laws. This Constitution and By-Laws was read and adopted by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of all members present at the regular meeting held November 12, 2015.


Section 2: ADOPTION: This Constitution and By-Laws was adopted by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of all members present at the regular meeting held on November 12, 2015 at Stanly County.