Master Beekeeper Program

This page is dedicated to SCBA members who are working on becoming a Master Beekeeper. “The N.C. Master Beekeeper Program’s (MBP) … “purpose is to provide an infrastructure whereby beekeepers can improve their beekeeping skills and knowledge on a continuous basis within a system that objectively and formally acknowledges those accomplishments. It also serves as a means of providing valuable information to beekeepers and the public through various outreach services.”  — Developed by Dr. John Ambrose; Resource: North Carolina State Beekeepers Association website.

The Master Beekeeper Program of the NCSBA consists of 4 levels: the Certified Beekeepers level, the Journeyman Beekeeper level, the Master Beekeeper level, and the Master Craftsman Beekeeper level. For details about these programs, select this link to go to the NCSBA site.

Congratulations on your accomplishments Beekeepers.

Certified Beekeepers:
Ana Henhenjahann, Boyd & Vicki Furr, Boyd Furr, Burrell & Vivian Maner, Christopher Fish, Daniel Furr, Donna Barfield, Donna Stutts, Justin Smith, Phillips Williams, Laura Krug, Mark & Holly Smith, Kristofer Blankenship, Mark McCarter, Pat Allen, Randy Mabry, Robert & Deborah Bassett, Robert Ostrander, Trudy Jepsen, and Vanessa Roesler

Journeyman Beekeepers: Peter Henkenjohann
Master Beekeepers: Bill Smith, Joe Smith, Anne Houck
Master Craftsman Beekeepers:

Note: I’m working on getting more names. You can help by letting me know if you passed a test and need to be on this list.

One thought on “Master Beekeeper Program

  1. We are attempting to update our record to make sure all Certified Beekeeper certificates due NCSBA members were issued. If any member of your chapter has taken the Certified test and practical but has not received a Certificate, please let us know.

    Forward information: Name, NCSBA number, address, phone, email, test score, and instructor.

    Forward to:

    Master Beekeeper Program committee

    Paul Newbold



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