Beekeeping Calender for Central North Carolina

A few weeks ago Nancy Rupert, Apiary Inspector NCDA & CS sent me this calendar in Word format. It took me a while to figure out how to get it up on our blog. So, at long last, here it is. Enjoy!

This calendar was designed for general beekeeping use in most of central North Carolina. Recommendations are based on average climate/weather conditions, and may vary with significant temperature changes. Those who manage hives for commercial operations may have different needs than those listed below. Details regarding bloom types/dates and pest/disease management are not included here due to space limitations; consult reliable and current resources for this information. This calendar is subject to being updated as new information becomes available. Remember: Bees follow a different calendar than humans do!


Select the link above to open the calendar in Word format.

April Meeting Announcement

Mr. Wayne Hanson from Mecklenburg County will be our speaker at the April Meeting. Dinner begins at 6:00 p.m. followed by the meeting at 7:00 p.m.

For dinner reservations call Bill Houck at 704-463-5367.

Also available will be some bee supplies from Mr. Tony Hill:

  • Used supers w/frames
  • Used brood chambers w/o frames
  • Extra super frames
  • Medium super foundation
  • “Queen Rings”
  • Honey bears – 12 oz
  • various odds and ends
 All priced for quick sale.
See you there.

SCBA Fall Field Day

We will meet at Judy’s Restaurant in Albemarle at 7:30 AM on Saturday, September 22nd, for our Fall Field Day. We have the larger of the two back rooms reserved — Just tell the guy at the desk that you’re with the beekeepers.  Judy’s is on the 24/27 Bypass — street number is 720 Hiway 24/27 East.

We will depart the parking lot at 8:30 AM, and PLEASE CAR POOL, as some folks’ places don’t have room for 30 cars! We will make a large loop from Judy’s, and will end up back there at the conclusion of the tour. The club will provide bottled water, but please bring a bag lunch, your protective gear, and your inquisitiveness.

September Meeting of the Stanly County Beekeepers

The September meeting of the Stanly County Beekeepers will be held on Thursday, September 13th, at Rocky River Springs Fish House in Aquadale.  The meal will start at 6PM, and the business meeting will be held at 7PM.
Bob Blackwelder of Cabarrus County will then give us a presentation on what he sees as the health of our bees in this part of the Piedmont, and will follow that up with what we should all be doing to prepare for the rapidly approaching Fall seasonal changes.
 Tony Hill in Frog Pond, North Carolina