Seasonal Piedmont Plants

Bees need nectar throughout the year to thrive and, most importantly, to survive. In the grander scene of things Mother Nature is taking care of feeding her bees because a variety of flowers provide pollen from season to season.

The North Carolina State Beekeepers Association (NCSBA) publishes a list of these plants of their for your convenience. Check out their website “What’s Blooming” page.

I’ve made a bar chart, of sorts, to further explain the blooming season. I like it because I can tell at a glance which plants will be blooming when. I can also tell when bees will need feeding because nothing is in bloom.  honeybee-blooming-plants-in-nc-piedmont

As we identify books or references that offer plant information, we’ll add them to this page. OR, if you know of a resource that you like, please send it to me in a comment and I’ll upload it here.

Wikipedia has a page on Northern American nectar sources for honey bees that is worth reading. It’s comprehensive so I’ve had to read it several times. Check it out.

For a list of year-round honey producing plants for bees, select the following link:  yearroundpollinationplants-22

Debbie Roos, the Extension Agent of Chatham County, maintains a website devoted to Small Farms. This includes bees and pollinator gardens. Here is her website:


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