2014 Minutes

June Minutes
Stanly County Beekeepers Association Meeting
Stanly County Agri Civic Center
49 Members in Attendance

Covered dish supper was enjoyed prior to the program and meeting.
Our Speaker tonight was Jennifer Keller who gave an interesting program about the research being conducted on honey bees at NCSU.

Program: Bill Smith reminded members that Agri Civic Days is on August 16. We are planning on participating in the National Honeybee Day then. Volunteers are needed at Agri Civic Days. Please let Bill and Sylvia Smith if you are planning to help.

Minutes were read: 2 corrections made: The member highlights this month featured both Ellen and Mark McCarter. Regarding the mentor program, we are hoping that the NCSBA will help with funds for mentors.

Publicity: Sylvia Smith would like to know if you are not receiving your meeting notices.

Webmaster: Pat Allen Member highlight in May Laura Krug. Tevis Smith will be featured in June. There is a page being added to the website for certified honey producers. Please let Pat know if you would like your information added to this. Field day pictures are on the Facebook page.
Congratulations to the new certified beekeepers: Pat Allen, Donna Barfield, Peter and Ana Henkenjohann, Trudy Jepson, Laura Krug, Justin Smith, Phillip Williams. And to Journeyman Beekeeper Anne Houck.

Ellen McCarter request volunteers to do a program for the 4H on August 4.

State Bee Inspector Nancy Ruppert spoke on splitting hives. There are three things to think about 1. Food. 2. Brood 3. A queen or something the bees can use to make a queen (eggs). It is risky to let bees make their own queen after the middle of July. A spring split is is easier because the bees are more likely to make their own queen. Nancy prefers moving the existing queen into the split. Leave a lot of brood and bees in the old hive.Let the original hive raise multiple queens and you can use the extra queens to requeen other hives and splits. Its okay to add a new queen to a split, if you prefer. Put 2 frames of brood in split in the spring because they are eager to build. Use 3 frames of brood later in the year. You should already be readying your hives for winter in July. Bees want to draw wax in the spring but they need to be fed to do this. Mark McCarter added you want to split and make queens with your best hive. Go back to that hive 7 or 8 days later and cut out all the small queen cells. Be sure to harvest queen cells before they hatch.

50/50 $69.50 to Buster Gill who donated his winnings back to SCBA, Hat to Vicki Galloway

NO local meeting in July because of the State Meeting July 10-12 at Wilkes Co. Community College


April Minutes
Stanly County Beekeepers Association Meeting
Rocky River Springs Fish house

Meeting called to order at 7:00PM by President Anne Houck
51 members in attendance

Hive Report
Red Buds in bloom
Anne Houck got a swarm out of a pear tree
Tulip poplars will start after easter
Peaches are finished
Apples, blueberries, blackberries are starting
Put honey supers on now, take sugar water off

Vicky Galloway caught two swarms.
Swarm buster list is available.

Second newsletter is also available.

WebMaster Report
Pat Allen: current member spotlight is on Mark and Ellen McCarter.
If you have Bee products for sale let Pat know. They are listed on the column on the right hand corner.
Pat reports that it costs $18 a year for a regular .com address.
Please share ideas with her for the website. She reports there have been lots of visitors to our site.

Field Day will be May 17th at Bill Smith’s house at 20553A Highway 52S, Albemarle
Program starts at 9am with a short class.
Hive inspections will be done with Nancy Rupert.
Hot dog lunch will be provided, games and fun to follow.
Bring a chair.
Call Bill if you have a table for him to borrow.
Prizes on field will include: a super with frames, a hive tool, and a smoker

We are trying to get a mentoring program going. The state will match funds with mentors. We are putting together a proposal with Nancy Rupert.

 Janno Lewis asked for volunteers to work at the Bee exhibit at the NC state zoo. She shared that Bill Sheppard was presented the honor of President Emeritus of NCSBA at Moore County by Dr. John Ambrose, This award was the first ever given to a president past or present of NCSBA. We have a card to circulate for people to sign in congratulations for Bill.

Stanly County Beekeepers Association license plates are for sale at $10 each. See Mark McCarter.

Mark McCarter reports that Dr. Tarpy’s budget has been cut and he has asked clubs to donate money to his program. A motion was made to donate $500 now. It was seconded and passed. We will revisit this again later this year.

Make sure you sign the sign-in sheet. The chapter gets points when you do!

Speaker Nancy Ruppert was introduced by Bill Smith. Nancy spoke on four points that are important to bees. 1- health, 2- a productive queen, 3- good nutrition, 4- pest and disease management.

Nancy asked everyone to go to the bee farm partnership website to participate in a survey at http://beeinformed.org

March Minutes

Stanly County Beekeepers Association
March 12 2014
Stanly County AgriCivic Center

Attendees:  88  Member roster circulated.

A delicious meal of chicken and dumplings was prepared by the Bolts.

At 7 pm our speaker Ellis Hardison was introduced and spoke about raising  queens and nucs.

Business meeting commenced at 7:55

Treasurer and Secretary gave their reports.

Hive report given by Bob Blackwelder

Bee School is going well.  61 people signed up.

Bees are building up. Some colonies may not have enough bees to cover brood when it is 25 degrees resulting in chilled brood.  He heard of one swarm already this year.  Simplest thing is to reverse brood boxes. But don’t split brood and don’t do it if you have brood in both chambers, Can do some checker boarding to spread brood out and open areas for queen to continue laying.  Do this when is warm in April, doesn’t make a difference in May  move  capped brood to the edges put honen in center.  When capped brood is 60 percent of the colony, bees will swarm. Have a swarm box ready to go.

When the flow starts bees change gears and want to make honey.   Drawn comb  above the brood boxes will encourage them.

Flowers at this time of year:
dandilions will work if have to for Nectar and Pollen
daffodils don’t work
crocuses NP
Quince  love them
Plum  Np
Pear  work some, not Bradford
Winter honeysuckle
Henbit  love it. is a member of the dead nettle family is a mint (square stem)  like mints
Redbuds when in full bloom bees swarm
Star Magnolia
Pussy willow bush
Red Maple is already done

The more pollen sources, the healthier the bees,

Webmaster Pat Allen   Members Beth Phillipe and Anne Houck are featured on our website.

Next Field Day  May 17 at Bill Smith’s House  Will be hive inspections, games, practical test for certified beekeeper.

Sign up for Swarm Buster

Spring Meeting report
Velvet Motsinger spoke about brewing with honey.  Use the foam from bottling.  Put 2 gallons of water  in honey extractor and use that water to rinse buckets to make mead.

The Next state meeting is in Wilkesboro  is July 10-12

Mark McCarter spoke about SCBA license plates Motion made to order 50 will sell for $8. passed.

Mark attended a class which showed you how to turn an old ice chest into a wax melter. Put your waste honey into a bird fountain.

Shocking news about pesticides as seed coating. Makes plants poisonous to bees. They take it back yop hive  The level of toxicity is 1000 times the threshold.  150 acres of corn is enough to kill every hive in the state  i kernel/hive. is enough to kill hive .

The Bayer Co.is investing 3 million dollars in facilities to make pesticides safe for bees.

50/50 $95.50 to Bill Smith, had won by Vickie Galloway, cone-capper (device that sits down on honey bucket and will hold frame for decapping) donated by Tripp Mcmom – won by Greg Hinson. Bottle of wine donated by Beth Phillipe won by __________.Dozen eggs donated by Woody _____ won by Jeff Hinson, Willward Hinson and Laura ____


There was no February meeting due to inclement weather.


January Minutes

Stanly County Beekeepers Association
Meeting January 8, 2014
Rocky River Springs Fish House
Attendance:  58

Meeting called to order at 7pm by president Ann Houck.  Visitors to the meeting called for and welcomed. (visitor packet given).

Chaplain Henry Springer spoke a prayer

Bill Smith introduced our speaker Bill Shepard who gave an entertaining program on nectar and pollen plants in NC.

New Business:  We will be having  a Hive and Nectar Report at each meeting. The queen will be laying after the first full moon in January.  There will always be brood in the hive after Winter Solstice. Biggest threat to hive is starvation.  Bees can find pollen anytime they are able to fly.  By February 1, red maple starts blooming by the coast and continues toward western NC.  Bill Shepard said bees with  stomach full of nectar which weighs more than water will come into land lower. Recommends that you lift hive from side rather than end to check weight. Also recommends covering screen bottom board during very cold weather.

Sylvia Smith Publicity Chair:  Bee school Flyers and emails, phone calls to members who don’t have email. 25 people have pre-registered so far.Let Laura or Beth know if your email has changed. Must pre register.

Pat Allen Webmaster distributed general information brochures. Will feature a beekeeper of the month on our blog.

Bill Smith Program Chair next months meeting will be at the Agri Civic Center, The meal will be chicken and dumplings. The program will be a panel discussion featuring Joe Smith, John Edge and JR Whitley.

Our next field day will be in May.

Look at the State Beekeeper Website for information on State Meeting in Wilmington

Shared information sheets on master beekeeper program distributed.

Ann Houck shared information on Golden Achievement Program. An Award given by NCBSA. credit is given for chapter activities. Our chapter won in 2004. She requested a volunteer to maintain the Golden Achievement Notebook.

State Bee Inspector Nancy Ruppert announced that the Fumigation Chamber for treatment of equipment with American Foul Brood in Raleigh is not running at present due to unavailability of ethylene oxide.  She will keep us posted. Only other treatment is burning of equipment.

There is a beekeepers Webinar on January 14 featuring David Tarpy on resources for beekeepers. See State website, or SCBA blog.

Mark Mc Carter said you must reserve hotels in Wilmington  for the State Meeting by February 14 to take advantage of reduced rates.

50/50 – $71 Randy Mabry
hat – Robert Hill
fresh eggs donated by Woody Barringer one dozen to JR Whitely
one dozen to Alice Bolton
Golden Rain Trees donated by James Culp to Lori Smith, Pete Whitely, & Knoles Hathcock
Remote Pollen feeder made by Ann Houck to Bill Shepard

Respectfully Submitted,
Laura Krug



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