JR Whitley, Beekeeper, Educator, Chef

Welcome to our Member Highlight. Please welcome Mr. JR Whitley and his wife Beverly as we learn more about their interests. JR and Beverly have been instrumental in many of our educational activities including a recent Field Day, including catering, and have made several presentation to our club.

2014-11-13 18.56.42

JR Whitley

What made you decide to keep bees? It’s in my blood from helping dad when I was younger, and it was a way of earning extra income.

How many hives did you start with? 10

How many years have you had bees? Approx 20

How many hives do you have now? 86

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in caring for bees? Check hives constantly

What bee products do you make? Honey, wax, packages, Queens and equipment

How and where do you sell them? From home

What would you like your fellow beekeepers to know about you?  Each time I work bees I find out that I’m not as smart as I thought.

What have been the greatest changes you have noticed since you began keeping bees? In years past if the hive had honey and a Queen, the hive was safe. Now they better be checked very often to keep up with various pests.

2014-11-13 18.56.51

Beverly Whitley

Beekeeping Methods

Do you treat your bee’s pests and diseases? Yes

Do you use queen excluders? Why or why not? Yes, for swarm control, more honey and to prepare for winter.

Do you use screened bottom board or screened top boards? No

Where do you buy your sugar? Domino Sugar Co in Charlotte.


SCBA Education

Are you interested in advancing in the Master Beekeeper Program? No

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