Tevis Smith, Technology

Tevis Smith

Tevis Smith, Technology Officer 2014

Welcome to our June Member Highlight. Please welcome Mr. Tevis Smith, our Technology Officer, as we learn more about his interests.

What made you decide to keep bees? After retiring from Alcoa in Tennessee, I came back to Stanly County to my family home. I noticed a lack of honey bees and pollinators that I remembered seeing on the family farm. I bought my first bee colony.
How many hives did you start with? One hive.
How many years have you had bees? 17 years.
How many hives do you have now? Three hives.
What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in caring for bees? Beekeeping is an expensive and hard-to-do hobby.
What bee products do you make? Honey.
How and where do you sell them? I do not sell honey.
What would you like your fellow beekeepers to know about you? I am trying to plant a bee pasture or a lot of plants for the bees.

Beekeeping Methods
Do you treat your bees? Natural versus treatment free? Why? I treat my bees with the chemicals that our leaders recommend.
Do you use queen excluders? Why or why not? Queen excluders are not used. I listen to Bill Sheppard.
Do you use screened bottom board or screened top boards? Neither
Where do you buy your sugar? Aldi and Food Lion.

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