Taking Care of Honey Bees During Storms

Hello Fellow Beeks:
This email arrived in my inbox this morning. It contains critical information on how to protect your hives during storms.

Good Luck Everyone,

williams, jason h

Sep 12, 2018, 11:48 AM (19 hours ago)

I wanted to reach out to all of the beekeepers that have registered with the Driftwatch (Beecheck Program), to remind you to prepare your hives for the approaching hurricane.  I have linked two articles below that will aid in this.  The first is written by Dr. David Tarpy, and is titled Protective Measures of Beehives During Hurricanes.  The second is from Dr. Michael Waldvogel and is titled “Bee” Kind If You Spray for Mosquitos.  Both of these articles are good resources for both beekeepers and mosquito applicators.

In the event that Hurricane Florence causes massive rainfall and flooding, a State of Emergency could be declared by the Commisioner of Agriculture.  If this occurs, the State would authorize exemptions from certain restrictions of aerial applications of pesticides to control the mosquito population.  If plans are made for wide-area mosquito applications, I will send out further updates on this matter.



Thanks and Happy Beekeeping

Jason Williams

Pesticide Operations Specialist



(919) 857-4151

1090 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699


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