Register now for Sept. 8 Pollinator Field Day

Hello Fellow Beeks:

Team McCarter (Mark and Ellen) sent this to me to post. Thanks Team!!!

I’ve attended Debbie’s conferences before and look forward to learning from her again and again.

Debbie is truly knowledgeable on all things pollinator including garden plants as well as the pollinators themselves. If you can possibly attend the events below, you will learn something new that will help you become a better beekeeper.

Debbie’s web pages are packed with helpful information and she updates them frequently. Check it out!!!

Pat Allen, Webmaster


Debbie Roos <

The Piedmont Research Station will host a “Bee Pollinator Friendly” Field Day on Saturday September 8 from 1 to 4:30 p.m. in Salisbury, NC.

Attendees will rotate through several stations to learn about habitat for farms, roadsides or constructed pollinator meadows; native plants that make for good pollinator habitat; native bees, butterflies, and beneficial insects; honey bees and beekeeping; pesticide application techniques to protect pollinators; and how to use available technology to map honey bee and specialty crop locations. The Field Day will start promptly at 1 p.m.

Target Audience: Farmers, Beekeepers, Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisors and Staff, Extension Agents, Urban Planners, Landscapers and Landscape Architects, Master Gardeners, Nurserymen/Greenhouse Growers

Educational Stations:

Native Pollinators:

Hannah Levenson (NCSU Department of Entomology & Plant Pathology), Jonathan Giacomini (NCSU Department of Applied Ecology), Sara Giacomini (NCSU Department of Applied Ecology), and Elsa Youngsteadt (NCSU Department of Entomology & Plant Pathology)

Farm Habitat:

Hunter Barrier (NCDA&CS) and John Isenhour (NC Wildlife Resources Commission)

Native Plants for Pollinator Habitat:

Debbie Roos (NC Cooperative Extension, Chatham County Center)

 FieldWatch/Pesticide Options:

Jason Williams (NCDA&CS)

Application Equipment:

Steve Gatton (NCDA&CS)

Participants will also be able to visit educational displays from several different organizations.

The Pollinator Field Day is sponsored by the following organizations:

North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

North Carolina State University

North Carolina A&T State University

North Carolina Farm Bureau Federation

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

NC State Extension North Carolina Pollinator Conservation Alliance

Rowan County Beekeepers


The event is free and offers three hours of pesticide credits for attendees (for N=Demo and Research, O= Ag pest plant, D=dealer, X=private).

To register, go to

Field Day Location:

Piedmont Research Station 8350 Sherrills Ford Road

Salisbury, NC 28147-7579

For more information, contact:

 Kelly Snider

NCDA&CS Research Stations



Debbie Hamrick

N.C. Farm Bureau



Debbie Roos
Agricultural Extension Agent 
Chatham County Center

North Carolina Cooperative Extension

About Carolyn Patricia Allen

I used to breed purebred Nubian dairy goats so I could make goat milk bath and beauty products with their milk. All of our products are made with 100 percent fresh goat milk. When I 'm not making soaps I write about life on the farmstead and care for our other critters. Most of them produce marketable products: chickens, goats, and horses give us fertilizer for our organic garden, chickens give us eggs, but the bees produce the most goods. I bottle their honey, make candles, lip balm, skin creams and lotions with their beeswax. My husband and I recently took a One Stroke painting class with Vicki Galloway so now we can paint the hives and make a few signs for the ranch.

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