Oakboro Regional Museum Features Stanly County Beekeepers Association

April 29 2 pm to 4 pm bring any of your Honey-Wax-Bee related Items you may want to talk about and or sell to the Oakboro Regional Museum 203 West Main Street, Oakboro NC
Come out and help promote beekeeping in Stanly county.

Also Cabarrus County is having a field day the 28th 10 to 3 at St Martin Lutheran Church 5469 Hwy NC 200 Mt Pleasant NC

About Carolyn Patricia Allen

I used to breed purebred Nubian dairy goats so I could make goat milk bath and beauty products with their milk. All of our products are made with 100 percent fresh goat milk. When I 'm not making soaps I write about life on the farmstead and care for our other critters. Most of them produce marketable products: chickens, goats, and horses give us fertilizer for our organic garden, chickens give us eggs, but the bees produce the most goods. I bottle their honey, make candles, lip balm, skin creams and lotions with their beeswax. My husband and I recently took a One Stroke painting class with Vicki Galloway so now we can paint the hives and make a few signs for the ranch.

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