Bees in the eave of a house need removing

Beth Phillippe sent this email to me yesterday. If any of you beeks are interested in helping this family, please call Beth.
If you could let members know that I was approached by a couple at the farmers market.  They have an A Frame house and bees are in the eaves.  She said that there is inside access to the area.  I have their name and number and will give it to who ever wants to tackle this and get free bees. Just call me.
Thank you,
Beth Phillippe

Spring Field Day

Saturday April 8th at 9:00 a.m. at
Centerview Baptist Church
508 NE Connector
Albemarle, N.C. 28001

We will conduct a Spring Field Day

J.R. Whitley will let us tour one of his bee yards. Bring your protective gear and you will have a chance to get into a hive and see the inner workings of the bee hive (good things) and learn how to work around a hive.
We will offer the master beekeeper practical test to anyone who is a NCSBA state member and would like to take it at this time*.
We will return to the church for a short meeting, we will provide a meal (dessert if you would like bring one), door prizes and a few games (BRING YOUR SMOKER favorite fuel AND HIVE TOOL) we will have several nice prizes.

I encourage the beekeeping class members if you can please come out attend the field day this will be a great learning/training session.

Look forward to seeing everyone this Saturday.
*anyone not able to attend and wanting to take the practical test call 704-961-8417.
If you are interested in catching swarms this year e-mail me what area you are in and I will update the swarm list at Ag Center!!