Soapmaking Classes in Stanfield

Hello Fellow Beeks:

Several of you have asked about soapmaking classes so when I saw Lindy Sellers class schedule, I thought of you.

Here is her website so you can sign up for the class that fits your schedule.
Sweet Harvest Homestead

I met Lindy several years ago when I was selling soaps at Stanfield Elementary School holiday sale. At that time she had taught hot process soapmaking for years and is very knowledgivle in this technique.

With the hot process technique of soapmaking, the soaps are ready immediately. With the cold process technique (this is the technique that I use) soaps must age for at least eight weeks. This close to the holidays, the hot process would give you products in time as gifts.

If I remember correctly, Lindy is also highly knowledgable about herbs and their medical properties. Check out her site.

Hope this helps you get started in soapmaking.


2 thoughts on “Soapmaking Classes in Stanfield

    • Lindy is an excellent soap make and a whole lota fun. Hope it works out for you. She’s super.
      Sorry I missed the meeting too. No real problems … like many women my age, I enjoy the ocassional insomnia attack. I was up all night Wednesday and was exhausted on Thursday. Yes, I went to bed early.


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